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Portrait Photographer

My name is Salvador Veta and I am a San Diego based portrait, editorial and modeling photographer providing you with a complete range of portraits, fashion and editorial portraits, covers, posters and eCommerce photography.  Whether shooting in my studio outdoors or on location, my shooting style is versatile and flexible with the ability to adapt, improve and improvise as the project or photo shoot requires it.  I strive to create photographs that are impactful, vivid, original and full of expression, whether full of color or black and white.

Professional Portraits, Fashion & Editorial Photography

You can choose from a full range of portrait, fashion and editorial photography options that will provide you with just the right level of photographs custom tailored to your project.  I provide unparalleled professional photography for your eCommerce, Fashion or editorial needs, whether in color or black and white, my photography style will capture images that will convey the intended message or meaning, and that will have a purpose while creating an impression and stopping magazine, online store, or website viewers in their tracks.

headshots san diego by salvador veta