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My Process

Right before the shoot starts, we will have a talk with a cup of tea or coffee where I will find the specifics of what you need and how the headshots or portraits will be used so that I can tailor our shoot to match your needs.  I start most of my shoots in the studio and will also shoot outside and do some natural light shoots if the weather is favorable.  I have already chosen some great areas around my studio, and we can also take our shoot to a public landmark as an option.  During our shoot, I will provide you with direction how to better express yourself so that we can obtain the shoots that are truthful and that genuinely represent the real you.

My goal is to ensure that you are able to fully express yourself within an environment that you feel comfortable with.  I strive to create images that bring your natural self and that are original, black and white or full in color, with a genuine expression, for your photographs to be personal and full of expression.  My studio is not a factory – I plan, design, and create your headshots and portraits and I am very invested in every single shot I take whether in my studio our outside.  I want your headshot or portrait to truly and naturally projects your personality in a manner that can be identified by casting directors or HR personnel, to intrigue the casual observer, and to make your images stand out from an online gallery, a pool of headshots or portraits, to make an impression, and to make that observer “want to see more” images of you.


I am not looking to create an enhanced digital representation of you but rather your true and real self.  This is why I always try to keep retouching to a minimum.   My focus will only be on the imperfections that are temporary, not that enhances or removes those which make you who you are.  However, some images do require specific retouching work for which I can provide you with fashion grade and advanced retouching best tailored to their intended use.  I recommend that you bring a range of different options for clothing. You will receive adequate guidance on both makeup and dressing attire to ensure that the headshots or portraits you are looking for are always first class and are distractions free.  I suggest you bring a range of different colors and necklines.  Try keeping your jewelry to a minimum as it mostly serves as a distracting element.  Studs or small earrings work and simple necklaces, anything hanging or chunky will usually very distracting for headshots and portraits.

After The Session

Once the shoot is complete, we will go through all of your images and I will be giving you my input on the shoots that I feel are the absolute best.  All of your images will also be uploaded to a private online gallery where you will be able to select the images you like.  You can also send this link to your agent or PR person.

Depending on your package you will be a specific number of images to choose for final retouching work.  I will then work on the blemishes and work on the adjustments required to give it the final look to make it look even better.  Agents usually like to see between 20-30 shots in a gallery to help you pick the final shots for retouching.  Once you select your photos, I will then provide you with access to your high-resolution images in a few days.


A makeup artist that is fully knowledgeable about my process will be provided depending on the package you have selected.  If you would like to apply makeup yourself, I suggest you start your makeup once you arrive at my studio and have discussed the specifics of what you intend to get out of your images.  You can always add more makeup during the sessions.  I always suggest keeping makeup and hair as natural as possible.  Avoid using too much contrast between colors and also avoid using any special hair conditioner for your hair – just keep in natural!

What Should I bring for the shoot?

I suggest you bring between 5 to 6 style tops from the list below:

  • Black and a white shirt
  • Black and a white t-shirt/top (‘V’ and ‘ a wide round’ neck)
  • Black dress (for girls)
  • Black ‘V’ and ‘wide round’ jumper.
  • Turtle neck jumper
  • A few tops that match the color of your eyes. (Please avoid bringing grey garments and garments with print or pattern as it will distract the viewer from the main focus of your headshot: your eyes.)  Also make sure all your garments have wide scoop neckline. this is important. Wide scoop makes your neck look longer and shows your collar bones.

How do I Pay?

A minimum of a 50% is required to book a session which goes towards the total.  You will be provided with payment options depending on the package you select.

How do I Book a Session?

You can book your headshot or portrait session by emailing me at hello@salvadorveta.com or by calling my studio Monday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm at 619-320-8184.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, if you’d like to talk about specialized pricing, or if you’d like to schedule an in-studio or on location headshot session.  You may reach me at hello@salvadorveta.com or by phone/text/WhatsApp at (619) 320-8184